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      The difference of properties between alumina ceramics and silicon nitride ceramics

      The difference of properties between alumina ceramics and silicon nitride ceramics

      1、 The first is alumina ceramics, because alumina ceramics have better mechanical strength, conductivity and high temperature resistance, but for the washing of alumina ceramics, we must choose the ultrasonic washing method, and alumina ceramics are widely used ceramics, mainly because of its excellent performance, and it is also widely used in the current market Is more and more widely, not only can effectively meet the daily use, but also can meet some special needs.

      2、 The second is silicon nitride ceramics. In fact, the strength of silicon nitride is very high, especially after heat treatment. It can be said that silicon nitride belongs to the hard material in the world. Moreover, silicon nitride ceramics are very resistant to high temperature. The whole strength can last at 1200 ℃, and there is basically no sign of decline. Even after being heated, it will not directly change It takes about 1900 ℃ to decompose the fused body. The corrosion resistance of silicon nitride ceramics is also amazing. Basically, it can resist all organic acids, and less than 30% caustic soda solution. It can also resist the corrosion of more organic acids. Therefore, silicon nitride ceramics are high-performance electrical insulation materials.


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